SKU: AA25950
*Made of antibacterial ABS.
*ABS injected with silver ions.
*Prevents growth of bacteria, fungi and mold.
*Exclusive patented system for water evaporation.
*Water collection tray not required.
*High performance (540 Km/h).
*10 seconds drying time.
*Large HEPA filter.
*Luminous display to inform about any incident.
*Informative luminous display.
*Reduced dimensions.
*Light (6.65 Kg).
*Quiet sound (65.6 dB a 2 mts).
*Heating element disconnects automatically when room temperature is 25ºC.
*Air outlet creating a curtain.
*Energy saving.
*Respectful with the environment.
*Modern and attractive design.
*4 Colours : White, silver, graphite and black.
*Low consumption.
*Perimeter LED light.
*Manufactured in the UE.
*Includes all the necessary certifications.




"The evolution of high speed hand dryers"



The existing hand dryers available in the market do not meet entirely the client’s needs.


Jofel has decided to go a step further.


Our company has employed all the knowledge and experience of the R&D&I department to create the most technologically advanced high-speed hand dryer.





Reduced drying time
Lower energy consumption




Smart, nice design




External appearance is also important.


TIFON high speed hand dryer will attract consumers at first sight. It has been designed taking into account technical needs as well as the aesthetic preferences of the public:


  • Reduced dimensions
  • Nice design
  • Clean surfaces



Sound level is slightly reduced


TIFON is equipped with a universal turbine engine, encapsulated, highly performant, including parts designed to absorb vibrations.


As a result, sound level is lower, according to tests, only of 65.6 dBA*


65.6 dBA








* Results provided by laboratory tests carried out by the “Physical technologies centre : Acoustic, Materials and Astrophysics” of the Technical University of Valencia
Sound pressure measured at a distance of 2 metres outdoors.




Equipped with HEPA filter of large dimensions, easy to replace, which catches 99.99% of bacteria and viruses of the environment.


Hands are dried with filtered air.



Reduced functioning costs


0,12 €/per drying





Thanks to its intelligent design, TIFON hand dryer has very low cost, probably, the lowest in its category.


When room temperature is over 25 ºC, nozzle lights change from red to blue, indicating that the heating element will be automatically disconnected.


This allows energy saving.


Easy to calculate


Cost of the device per year = Power (kW) x kWh cost (€) x 0,56 hours (0.56 hours corresponding to 200 uses /day or 1.11 hours corresponding to 400 uses per day) x365




Automatic evaporation system


Jofel has patented TIFON’s evaporation system, exclusive in this sector.


How does it work?

While hands are being dried, there are always water drops. The device collects these drops safely and the water is evaporated quickly and hygienically.


Which are the advantages?

There are no spills outside the device.

Thanks to the high temperatures of the heating and evaporation system the device is sterilized.


Is it safe to operate at such high temperatures?

This device has been created according to the most exigent criteria. Therefore, all the technical materials employed to build the evaporation system are certified with 5VA category.




Devices lifetime



TIFON hand dryer is sturdy, durable and reliable.


It has been conceived for long lifetime.


Its heart, the engine, is an example of these characteristics:


Universal engine

Power: 1 kW

Expected lifetime: 1.500.000 dryings

3 years warranty
(except for parts subject to wear)


Unlike other devices available in the market, Tifon’s smart design allows to change the brushes in only 10 minutes.

Easy and low-cost maintenance



Information display and LEDs




There is an information display that lights up during the cycle, showing the duration.


The device is equipped with different sensors that control the correct functioning of the device at all times. In case of breakdown in the system, a warning light will appear, and a number will show on the led display.

The display shows functioning status:
  • Drying cycle duration
  • It is recommended to replace HEPA filter
  • It is recommended to replace engine brushes
  • Status of evaporation system



Difference that shows personality


Tifon stands out for its exclusive and modern lines and chromatic options.


In all the versions, there are contrast surfaces, showing the outstanding character of this device.