Metallic unit for recycling station, yellow.

SKU: AL707050A
*Made of galvanised steel sheet of high quality and resistance.
*Steel sheet 1 mm. thick, painted with polyester, grey oxydon.
*Includes 40 Litre deposit, made of polypropylene, several colours available.
*Includes key lock for fixing the deposit and avoid unauthorised removal.
*Adjustable legs, several colours to choose.
*Sturdy, resistant, long lasting life.
*Inner deposits are of different colours, colour indicated by last letter of reference (A=Yellow, G=Grey, V=Green, Z=blue).
*Units can be combined at your choice, however orders must be placed by unit and colour
*A set for joining units together is provided every two units (screws and nuts)
*Designed to recycle any type of waste.
*Upon request, it can be manufactured of Inox steel.
*Unit dimensions: Height 640 x Width 252 x Depth 373.
*Recommended for: Department stores, commercial centers, airports, train stations, collectivities, etc.