SKU: AJ23510
*Electric insect killer device.
*Made of inox steel of high quality and resistance.
*Sides made of polycarbonate, quality guaranteed, and metallic tray at bottom to collect debris.
*Power: 15 W (1 tube) and covers 200 m² approx.
*Includes ultraviolet light tube to attract insects.
*Conceived to attract and kill flying insects.
*They are killed when entering into contact with internal grid, electrically charged.
*Tray easy to remove for easy cleaning and emptying.
*External metallic grid to prevent birds from entering and to avoid putting fingers inside.
*Recommended to be placed in upper emplacements, close to ceiling.
*Operates with voltage of 220/230V.frequency 50/60Hz.
*Clean, hygienic, long duration.
*Recommended for grocery stores and hostelry.