SKU: AC27000
*Made of high quality and resistance ABS.
*Base and cover made of white ABS.
*Anticorrosive and non-drip valve.
*Suitable for Jofel cartridges ref. AT95000 and AT52280, AT52380 and AT52580 of 0,800 L.
*Can be converted into bulk fill by adding a deposit.
*Push button integrated on top cover.
*Equipped with key lock and content viewer.
*Modern design.
*Easy to clean, maintain and refill.
*Maximum performance, long lasting life.
*Especially recommended for collectivities and public toilets with high traffic of people
*It is one of Jofel's low cost products.
*It is included within the range "Low Cost Smart".
*Thanks to its special design, it easily fits any type of installation or decor.