SKU: AY10000
*Folding platform made of high density polyethylene, highly resistant.
*Antibacterial, concave shape for higher comfort.
*It is hinged and can be folded up to the wall, requiring little space.
*Unibody chassis without junctions or edges.
*Complies with legal regulations: ASTM; G21; G22; ADA (USA); AINSI (CE).
*It is opened as a book.
*Fixed to wall by means of a hidden articulated arm made of steel.
*Pneumatic shock absorving system that enables smooth opening and closing.
*Highly resistant to impacts, odours and bacteria.
*Plastic caps hiding the top of screws.
*Security and use instructions, written in raised print in 5 languages and Braille with pictogrammes.
*Easy to maintain and clean, long lasting life.
*Includes safety straps to hold the baby, easy to adjust with only one hand.
*Suits perfectly any type of installation and decor.
*Light grey.
*With cavity to stock clean towels.
*Widespread use.
*Recommended for collectivities and public toilets.