The management of Jofel is guided by two main principles: the fulfilment of the customer’s needs and the continuous improvement of the company’s competitive position on the market.


Jofel’s management policy aims to increase product quality, to speed up customer service, to improve health and safety conditions in the workplace, and to protect the environment, all this improving the efficiency and the company results. Jofel has conceived the quality management system to achieve the optimisation of the resources and to meet customers’ expectations.


The main pillars of the company quality policy are :


  • RESPONSIBILITY: The whole organisation is responsible for customer satisfaction, the staff has to understand their current and future needs, to satisfy their requirements and to respond to their claims quickly and diligently, trying to exceed customer’s expectations.



  • CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT of the processes both related to production as well as to management and support, taking care of internal and external communication, increasing customer loyalty and working to create a mutually beneficial relationship with the suppliers.


  • DECISIONS BASED ON DATA AND INDICATORS, with the aim of directing our actions to achieve the goals established.



  • ACTIVE LISTENING TO THE STAFF, who will provide ideas to promote quality improvements, processes, service and customer service.


  • RESPECT FOR THE ENVIRONMENT, adapting the processes to the current legislation and regulation, working to minimise the use of energetic resources, emissions in the atmosphere, water consumption and treating at maximum any polluting discharges.


  • SAFETY in the workplace as an essential condition, creating a prevention policy based on identification, assessment, and control of risks.



The Company management team is committed to promoting this policy, being the leader as well as involving the whole staff, heart of the company, in a responsible way, to achieve the company goals.



Jofel Industrial Management Board

02 January 2020