In line with the investment policy of the company, which aims to develop new products with the highest technology through the R&D department, Jofel launches a new product: high performance hand dryer “Jet Tifon”

This product includes some innovations, patented, with new contributions to the worldwide scenario, which stand out over the existent products of the market. Jet Tifon has some competitive and outstanding qualities that make it a leading product of the sector with the highest quality.

As outstanding qualities of the device we can highlight the high performance of the device (540 km/h), low sound level (65,6 dB at a distance of 2 meter), low weight (6.65 kg), reduced drying time (10 seconds), reduced dimensions, large HEPA filter environmentally friendly, it is antibacterial and is injected with silver ions, includes warning light sensors, is energy saving as heating element disconnects automatically when room temperature exceeds 25 º, low consumption, modern and attractive design, four colours available (white, silver, graphite and black) it has perimeter LEDS and finally has a system for AUTOMATIC EVAPORATION OF WATER COLLECTED.

Thanks to this evaporation system there is no need to equip the device with collection tray, which usually involves flooding problems, and requires more time for maintenance to check the level of the water on the tray, empty the tray, etc. Other systems such as hoses are more precarious, and sometimes the device has to be installed at a certain distance of the water point. Therefore, Jet Tifon hand dryer can be considered as more technologically advanced than other products of the market, with differences and contributions that make it a worldwide innovation.