In order to meet the market needs and demands, Jofel has developed several supports that enlarge the possibilities and uses of the wide range of products of their catalogue to different environments and locations.


-Standing support for hand soap dispenser with optical sensor (Ref. RC7000P)

Detachable, movable and 1500 mm high; conceived to fix the optical sensor dispenser by means of screws or with Jofel “Ultrafix Forte” (Ref. RC6001) to the top panel showing the brand.


-Standing support for hydroalcoholic gel bottle dispenser (Ref. RC7200P)

This product is also detachable, movable and 1150 mm high; it is conceived to fix the bottle to the top panel by the valve, so it cannot be stolen. The bottle can be replaced easily and quickly.



-Tabletop support for hydroalcoholic gel bottle dispenser (Ref. RC7300P)

Nice appearance, light and movable, suitable to place the hydroalcoholic gel bottle at tables, counters, and reduced dimensions places. Same system to fix the bottle, prevents theft and makes the gel dispensation easier.


These new product launches have been specially conceived for this specific situation, but, because they are light and movable, they will be easily used in the future if required occasionally.