Over the last years, our company has focused on creating devices of higher technology and better quality, equipment that includes differentiating and innovating characteristics that stand out from other products available in the market. The best way to achieve this objective and ensure a bright future for the company is through the R&D&I department, that has been enlarged and strengthened.


In line with this policy, Jofel has conceived the mix system; it is a combination of the soap dispenser Aitana, multifunctional, with semi-rigid interchangeable cartridges, that can be customised and made exclusive for clients. The dispenser is made of ABS with several possible finishes: white, black, metallic and antibacterial.


Cartridges are made of polyethylene, interchangeable and compressible and are suitable exclusively for this dispenser. They are available as: foam soap, sanitising foam, gel soap, shampoo gel, Aloe gel, hydroalcoholic sanitising gel with neutral PH and aggressive agents free.



Both gel and foam are homologated and certified, and are products of high quality. Cartridges can be interchanged; they all include single-use anticorrosion and non-drip valve. The device is key-locked and there is a content viewer in the center; it can be customised for clients depending on the number of items ordered.


This new product launch enlarges the existing wide range of Soap dispensers with cartridge; its greatest advantage is that it can be customised, therefore, exclusive for each client. Cartridges can also be purchased empty, with the valve included, to be filled in by the client, but they definitely will have to be used with Jofel dispensers, due to its design.