Jofel has launched a new range of products with silver finish, known as Silver Range, which consists of 12 devices that stand out for their excellent image of quality and beauty. This new range of products is the result of Jofel continuous efforts to provide its clients with competitive advantages and new products, helping them to become leaders of the market, to reinforce their strategic position and to develop their businesses, through the wide offer of products available as well as its ongoing support.

Jofel markets are segmented, which contributes to develop different ranges of products adapted to all of them, such as :

-           ABS range, black or white

-           Antibacterial ABS range, black or white

-           Silver Range

-           Nickel range

-           Paint steel range

-           Inox range

With so many different ranges of products available, companies can adapt their offer and meet all their clients’ needs, becoming a benchmark of the sector.

The silver range has a modern design and it fits any type of decor. Jofel brand is written in silver letters on a black plate, enhancing the quality and appearance of the devices.