From the 24th to the 27th September JOFEL attended the PIR EXPO in Moscow, considered as Russia’s largest and most important exhibition of HORECA sector.

In collaboration with one of the distributors, JOFEL exhibited its wide range of products, including the latest products launched in 2018 and new products coming in 2019.

Some members of our export department also attended the event to support the distributor’s commercial team, all of them showing to the clients the features of the company and its products. The new “Jet Tifón” attracted attention of many clients, due to its advantages and new features, especially the new automatic evaporation system, that makes it different from any other product available in the market.

Our Company attended this show with the aim of reinforcing our international presence and in order to enlarge the export network; we currently export our products to over 82 countries.

JOFEL has a large tradition in Russia, where the Brand is well consolidated, highly recognized and is synonym of quality.