The market trends have evolved towards automatic products, not only for the comfort they provide, but also for hygiene reasons. In general terms, automatic products avoid any manual contact with the device, obtaining greater hygiene when washing your hands.

Jofel has included on the last catalogue some optical sensor operated dispensers, in versions, cartridge and bulk fill.

The bulk fill version presents three options : gel soap (AC91050), foam soap (AC91060 and spray soap (AC91070). It is operated by means of batteries, with 1 litre capacity. It is manufactured from white ABS, of high quality and resistance, and its modern design makes it suitable for any toilet..

The cartridge version (AC91000)is  identical outside; however the use of cartridges allows a higher hygiene, as the cartridge is hermetically sealed and including a valve, cross contamination is impossible. Cartridges have a capacity of 0’8 litres and there are three options : gel soap, foam soap and spray soap.