Jofel has launched a new range of recycling bins, formed by different units so that the clients can combine them and create recycling stations at their own choice.

They are formed by a structure manufactured from painted steel plate (or inox), with removable deposits made of polypropylene of different colours depending on the type of waste : A = yellow; G=grey; V= green; Z : blue. Each bucket has a capacity of 40 litre, and they are fixed to the structure by a simple but strong system, completely removable. The structure can be formed by the number of deposits that the client desires.

The internal deposits are removable, they manufactured from polypropylene, and fixed to the structure by means of a key, to avoid unauthorized removals. The system is simple and versatile and will respond to all the client’s requests.

At the bottom there are four adjustable legs to allow different heights and to suit any type of floor.

Reference : AL707050, adding the letters corresponding to the colours.

For example: AL707050YGB

Modular recycling bin, with three colours : Yellow, Green and blue

Modules : 3 (Y=Yellow; G=Green; B=blue)

Official Launch : 1st March 2016

We also offer a more affordable recycling station, using only the propylene modules, joining them by means of a metal strip, creating modular stations according to your personal taste. The references for these products are PME and RM, and the official launch date will be the 1st of March.