Jofel has been manufacturing antibacterial products for some years, to respond to the demands of the export market. However, the increasing demand of the domestic market, together with a growing interest for these products and the high demand of the same within the healthcare sector, has lead Jofel to start offering antibacterial products permanently, including them in their general catalogue.

Antibac is a range of antibacterial additives, whose aim is to eliminate or reduce to a minimum the proliferation of harmful organisms in the devices, such as bacteria, mould, fungus, etc . It is an innovative technology based on silver, which provides a highly recommended protection, especially for hospitals, clinics, old people’s homes and toilets in general.

Jofel has developed a comprehensive range of antibacterial products, which are easily identified by a specific brand and a logo. The Antibac range is formed by the following products:


  • AC70700 Soap dispenser Aitana
  • AH33700 Hand towel dispenser
  • AG40700 Centrefeed tissue dispenser
  • AE51700 Roll holder

Official Launch : 1st  March 2016