JOFEL is continuously striving to launch new products and devices equipped with the latest and differentiated technology. As a result, we have recently created a high performance device, Jet Smart Hand Dryer, which completes Jofel low cost range of products, known as Jet Smart. This new device maintains the same performance and guarantees than Jet Tifon, however some of the components and accessories are simplified, obtaining a more basic and affordable product, suitable for less demanding places in terms of comfort and aspect than the ones in which  Jet Tifon would fit. These modifications have made possible the creation of a high performance product but with a lower price, still keeping the same standards of quality and guarantee. It is a highly competitive option for middle market segment.


It is manufactured by Jofel in the EU, ensuring added safety and reliability. Its main characteristics are :

-Air outlet speed: 540 km/h.

-HEPA filter

- Antibacterial drying area, with silver ions.

- Energy saving by automatic disconnection.

-Warning sensors.

-Luminous display.

-Low noise.

-Air outlet creating a curtain.

-Water collection tray, 0,5 Litre capacity.

-Wide range of colours available.

-Reduced dimensions