Our company Jofel, with the aim of helping and assisting the clients, has signed an agreement with CYPE Engineers, to include all the information contained in the catalogue inside the Price Calculator.

CYPE is a company that creates and sells technical software for professionals of Architecture, Engineering and Construction. The price calculator is the best way to work out the real cost of a project, as it provides building costs at market price.

In addition to this, it makes it easy to obtain quality documentation (comprehensive, consistent and including technical information related to each project), useful for the different stages of the building’s life (preliminary studies and projects, basic project, execution project, project management, use and maintenance, deconstruction and final recycling). It includes the manufacturer’s products as well as generic products.

Unlike other products, CYPE takes into account specific characteristics of each project to work out the prices.

CYPE is currently leader within the area of Price Calculators.