Jofel has launched a comprehensive Sales Catalogue, which includes not only the traditional range of products, but also the latest innovations, as well as new arrivals for the first quarter of 2018. The most highlighted product and global innovation is Jet Tifon, due to its special characteristics.


The first part of the Catalogue includes a general description of the different range of existing products. Secondly, Jet Tiffon is included in an outstanding place, its importance residing in its technical advances developed by the R & D & I Department. This product is unique, and different to any other hand dryer available in the market.


This first part finishes with a summary table with the description of all the hand dryers and hair dryers available, with identifying photographs.


In the second part the products are described individually. Each product is identified by means of a photograph, as well as the following details :  main characteristics, drawing, dimensions, packaging dimensions, technical characteristics, Units for sale, cleaning and maintenance recommendations, and photographs of the same product showing the different finishes available.



The last part of the Catalogue includes the electrical schemes of all the devices that require power, and finally the page of the Catalogue where it can be found, classified by reference number. The products are organised in families, in alphabetical order.