The Coronavirus epidemic has caused an increasing demand of gels and disinfecting products and their use has become widespread among the world population.


In response to this demand, most manufacturers have launched 0.5 and 1 litre bottles, suitable for small premises and places with low flow of people, but insufficient and inappropriate for busy places. Jofel, in addition to the existing range of products with different capacities and models, has launched extra options and products to be used in different ways, and placed in diverse locations.


Being aware that the market needs were not being fulfilled, Jofel has conceived this gel dispenser station, of 15 litre capacity, which aims to respond to the current requirements of the market.  In addition to its large capacity, it has many other advantages : no-touch system, it is foot activated by means of a pedal; it includes a tray for excess gel to prevent the floor from getting spilled and that can be easily removed for cleaning; there is a large door at the back of the station to make maintenance easier, with key lock and a handle; the base is solid, sturdy and stable so that the column does not wobble; it is autonomous, it can be easily moved and changed to different locations depending on the needs of use.   Its widespread use has made it a benchmark; it does not require batteries or energy to be operated, ensuring a long-lasting life and durability of the product.