Jofel works constantly to improve and perfection its products and, as a result, our company has recently launched a new version of AVE hand dryer, highly performant, adding the term PLUS to its name to make the difference from the previous one.

The previous model, AVE traditional hand dryer, is still available; however this new model includes some improvements such as :

-When room temperature reaches 25º, the heating element disconnects automatically, and then the air changes from hot to warm, saving energy.

- The cover is treated with anti-fingerprint coating, so the device looks always as brand new.

It still maintains the characteristics of the traditional AVE hand dryer

- Double electrical insulation

- Class II : no ground wire required.

- Can be installed at only 0.6 m from water point.

- Quick dry by means of air curtain, only 10 “

- Standard filter for dust and particles

- Low noise

- Optical sensor operated : it starts and stops when detecting hands

- Anti-vandal system

- High speed and performances.

- Easy to clean and maintain

- Reduced dimensions

Thanks to the last improvements included, this hand dryer has become one of the most advanced within this field, being a very competitive product.