Jofel has completed the existing wide range of soap dispensers by launching a new Multifunction Dispenser, suitable for gel soap and foam, included in the range Aitana, but with a more modern and stylish design. This new dispenser is suitable for both gel and foam cartridges from Jofel brand, certified and homologated, of 1 litre capacity, with several options to choose: Foam soap, sanitizing foam soap, Aloe gel for hospitality industry, Dermatological gel-shampoo, standard gel for hospitality industry, sanitising hydroalcoholic gel. Cartridges are made of Polyethylene and are collapsible; they all include single use anticorrosion and non-drip disposable valves. 

This dispenser is made of High quality ABS, very resistant, and is equipped with a large front viewer to check the content. It is closed with key lock and the whole front side is used as push button to press the valve of the cartridge. It can be refilled with soap or foam cartridges interchangeably. It is available in three colours: white, black and metallic. 

This customised and exclusive dispenser will help distributors to develop client loyalty, as the investment is easily and quickly amortised.