SKU: AJ80000
*Insect killer device with hidden adhesive paper.
*External cover made of stainless steel of high quality and resistance.
*Removable lower tray, where adhesive sheet is placed and hidden.
*1 Ultraviolet Tube x 15W to attract insects as well as to light up.
*Class I, CE certified.
*Covers approximately 50 m².
*Simple, practical, quiet and low cost.
*ON/OFF switch
*High power of attraction for insects.
*Hygienic as insects remain stuck to the adhesive paper.
*Complies with legal regulations and European standards of non-polluting equipment
*The adhesive paper is effective for 30 days approximately
*It can be placed standing on the base or hanging from ceiling, always in upper positions.
*Easy to clean, install, maintain and replace adhesive.
*Includes chain for hanging, cable and plug to connect to power.
*Recommended for use in hostelry, kitchens, and grocery stores.
*To be used with adhesive paper (ref. AKJ2000).