SKU: AG14800
*Level activated towel dispenser.
*Support made of black ABS.
*Nickel plated cover (acid coat, copper layer, double nickel layer and final layer of transparent varnish).
*By using the lever, the paper roll turns and gets ready to be cut (manually)
*Key lock, level indicator and hinged cover.
*Internal cutter completely protected, cannot be accessed from outside.
*Internal mechanism made entirely of high quality ABS.
*Paper saving as quantity delivered is controlled.
*Simple internal mechanism, easily accessible.
*Easy and quick refill of paper, which is cut only at the moment of use.
*For rolls up to 220 mm. diameter, and Ø 35 and 45 mm mandrel.
*Easy to clean and maintain.
*Included in the range Nickel.
*Robust, resistant, hygienic, long lasting life.
*Delivers paper towel 18 cm long per service
*Ideal for places with high traffic of people.
*Particularly recommended for collectivities, offices, hospitals,clinics, etc.