Jofel, Cleaning and Hygiene 


Who are we?

Jofel is a multinational Company dedicated to the production, selling and distribution of systems and equipment for professional hygiene and cleaning. We have been present in the international market for over 30 years, being established in more than 80 countries on all five continents.

Jofel is a comprehensive supply company and a benchmark in latest generation products due to the quality and wide range of products available, the service offered, and R&D&I in the professional hygiene and cleaning sector.

Our activity is mainly developed within the institutional market. We have the most extensive and complete portfolio of the sector, with a solid commercial and distribution network in all the countries where we are present, being leading company in Spain and Mexico.

Where are our products manufactured?

The production activity is carried out in Spain and Mexico, what provides Jofel with an international industrial character to approach the world market with products adapted to special needs and peculiarities. The ongoing work done by R+D+I department makes possible to create new developments day by day.

Where do we sell our products?

We do have our own companies in Spain, France, USA and Mexico. In general terms, exports account for 80% of our sales, especially to the previously mentioned countries, but also to many other countries such as the UK, Germany, Portugal, Italy, Morocco, Russia, Middle East, Israel, Poland, South Africa, India, Central America, Colombia, and some others, up to 80 countries.

Our equipment can be found in : hotels, restaurants, bars, all type of companies, clinics, hospitals, retirement homes, offices, service stations, commercial centres, sport centres, Universities, schools, etc.


1986:  Society constitution of Jofel Industrial S.A.

          -Creation of our brand

1986 – 1990:  Design, production and distribution of :

- Hand dryers

- Tissue dispensers

- Soap dispensers 

1990 – 2000:  International expansion

   Creation of companies in:

- Mexico


- France          

- Portugal

- Brasil 

2000 – 2010:  New Factory in Alicante :

- New ranges of products

- International momentum 

2010 – 2015: Increase of products available including the latest technological advances, focusing on design and consumption performance, with a commitment for energy saving and protection of the environment.

2020: The American multinational CFS BRANDS acquires Jofel Industrial, SA. and becomes part of its group of companies.