SKU: AT54600
*Semi-rigid, made of high quality polyethylene, very resistant.
*Compressible and recyclable.
*1 litre capacity.
*Each cartridge includes valve incorporated, non-reusable and disposable.
*Anticorrosive and non-drip valve.
*To be used with multiple function Aitana dispensers (ref. 73*)
*Versatile :can be used with both gel and foam cartridges
*High quality foam and gel, both certified for several usages.
*Neutral PH and free of aggressive chemicals.
*Characteristics: Cream texture gel to wash your body and your hair. Soft and delicate fragrance. Contains protecting and emollient agents, as well as special additives to provide extra softness to your hair and skin.
*Dose : 1 g of soap, 0.35 g of foam.
*Options :
AT17000 Foam
AT17700 Sanitizer foam
AT17800 Sensitive foam
AT54500 Gel
AT54600 Dermatological Gel-Shampoo
AT54700 Aloe Gel
AT86000 Hydroalcoholic sanitizer gel