SKU: AZ54000
*Made of HDPE, high quality and resistance.
*Sturdy and light, thickness higher than 5 mm.
*Can be loaded up to 120Kg.
*Three adjustable shelves inside.
*Large doors at both sides for easy access.
*Doors with key lock for security.
*4 castors, 2 of them swivel with brake and 2 fixed.
*Plastic castors, tread made of rubber.
*Castors are anti-thread, of large diameter (20 cm)
*Two removable bags at both sides, made of nylon and with zip.
*Auxiliary lower drawer for multiple uses.
*Optimal space utilisation.
*Upper shelf for classification. Accessory (AZ 54010)
*Protected grab handles.
*Top shelf with ledges to prevent products from falling.
*Entirely detachable trolley.
* Impact protection by means of four rotating discs.
*Especially designed to carry cleaning products, towels, sheets, etc.
*Suitable for large buildings such as hotels, retirement homes, hospitals, etc.
*Can carry service for 16 rooms.