Jofel took part of a competitive tender to equip Vigo’s hospital. Thanks to the high quality of our equipment and our wide range of products, our company was chosen to carry out the project.

Common areas have been equipped with a great selection of our products such as soap dispensers, centrefeed paper dispensers and roll holders.

Jofel is focused in distribution as well as in the realisation of projects, always in collaboration with the distributors.

As Jofel offers all type of products, including bins as well as other items for both hygiene and cleaning sectors, we can be considered as a global supplier, providing solutions in all aspects: design, quality and large choice.


Jofel was also selected to provide the equipment for Oviedo’s Hospital. This is a very emblematic and important project, in which Jofel, following its partnership policy with the distributors, provided a wide range of devices and bins. The installation was carried out by the distributor that chose Jofel due to their quality, price and large selection.

The equipment included different products such as bins, soap dispensers, roll holders, hand dryers, paper dispensers etc.

The equipment suits perfectly the modern and functional environment, governed by an atmosphere of hygiene and cleanliness.


In collaboration with the local distributor, Jofel was selected to equip the extension of Las Palmas Airport (Canary Islands). This is a highly important project, not only for the volume of the same, but also for its international impact, given the large number of international passengers that this airport receives.

This international exposure is reinforced by Jofel’s presence beyond our borders, exporting to 80 different countries throughout the world. This has been possible thanks to its intense commercial activity as well as by its development of factories and commercial points in strategic areas such as the USA, France, the UK, Portugal, Mexico, Italy, India etc.


Jofel was selected to equip sanitary areas at CAMPSA service stations.

The decisive aspects that lead to choose our company were the high quality and wide offer of products.

It is to be highlighted the widespread use of the foam dispensers, which is increasingly used in this sector.

In areas with high traffic of people, resistant products are essential. This is exactly what characterises Jofel products: durability.


Our hygiene and cleanliness products would suit any type of premises and facilities. In our large catalogue clients will find a wide range of products, amongst which they are able to choose the more suitable equipment respecting the functionality as well as the general aspect of their business.

In this occasion Jofel was chosen to equip the “Teatro de la Comedia” in Madrid. This theatre is a point of reference for other traditional buildings, having a high traffic of people. Quality and detail are required in such emblematic places.


In collaboration with the local distributor our company signed an agreement with the hotel chain HSBC, and as a result we equipped, for instance, Fuerteventura’s hotel.

These hotels were renewing their equipment and they chose one of our hair dryers, which suited their needs due to its performance and aspect.

The Canary Islands recently issued a new legislation which stipulated that electric hairdryers should have 1800 w power. As Jofel was able to provide with such product, we were chosen to equip the hotels.


Recently Jofel, together with one of the main distributors in the Granada area, has being charged of equipping the Campus la Salud Hospital.

The wide range of products for hygiene and cleaning sectors, as well as their high quality, are the main reasons why Jofel has been chosen for this project. It was also crucial the savings resulting from the use of its consumables.

This hospital is a regional benchmark for modernity and equipment, context in which Jofel fits perfectly, offering solutions and alternatives to meet all the requirements of this type of Hospital.

Jofel was chosen among many other companies, proof of its valued position within the sector of systems and equipment for hygiene and professional cleaning.



JOFEL is very proud of having been chosen to renew the equipment in all of the toilets of the Sanchez Pizjuan Stadium. This stadium is a showcase for the many visitors that the Stadium receives every Sunday, and the presence of Jofel reinforces its already existing position in the city of Sevilla, where they have already been distributing hygiene and cleaning products for over 30 years.

JOFEL is known by its wide range of products, all of them of high quality and modern design. Jofel means service and quality. Jofel devices are manufactured with the latest technology and design, providing solutions for the use of consumables reducing costs.

This project was carried out together with one of the clients of that area, always respecting the distribution policy of the company.



Jofel’s presence in Morocco aims to cover the needs and expectations in the field of hygiene and cleaning. In addition to this,the company takes an active part in important projects and works, in collaboration with building companies, engineers and architects in national as well as international projects.

Jofel offers to clients a wide range of products, which cover all the needs of the sector. Furthermore, as the products are available in many different finishes (white, black or other colors, smoked, antibac, nickel or Inox) they are suitable for any design;they meet the exigencies of professionals and suit any type of environment and decor. 



Jofel exports its products to more than 80 countries, and Turkey is placed at a high position within this list of foreign countries. The consolidation of its presence has taken place throughout the years, and they have carried out different national projects with international projection.

The quality of its products is highly valued by distributors and fitters and their collaboration, together with the traditional sales channels, are leading to open new opportunities in different sectors.

Recent important projects such as the Ankara airport are a proof of this evolution, and they open a promising future for new projects as they have a “pull effect”. These are emblematic projects, with an important media impact both nationally and internationally, and they place Jofel as the perfect partner for any operation other than distribution.




Jofel has a wide presence in the market of the Check Republic, where it occupies a privileged position not only as distributor but also as supplier of equipment for different installations related to hygiene and cleaning.

Quality, service and its wide range of products, together with a large choice in colours, finishes and materials are the reasons that have pushed Jofel to this prominent place, as well as to be chosen as the supplier for equipping outstanding places.

The company has carried many different projects throughout the years, just as an example the most relevant are the following :

METRONOM : offices building in Prague

KUKS : Refurbishment of the Castle

ABB BRNO :  new factory of ABB

Lego Kladno : Lego Factory

VUT Brno : several buildings of the University





Jofel’s implementation in international markets is the result of the strategy launched years ago, which has continued over the years. Internationalisationhas always been a sign of Jofel’s identity, being the company present in markets of all five continents; the company is always in continuousprogress and development in order to increase the long list of countries where their products are sold.

 One of the new incorporations to Jofel list of clients is Turkmenistan. Jofel entered into competition with other important companies and brands of the sector, being finally chosen to equip the Olympic stadium of Ashgabat (Turkmenistan), where the Asian Olympic Games will be held from the 17th to the 27th of September this year. This has been possible thanks to the strengths of Jofel: quality, design, guarantee and client service, which have been a constant during more than 30 years in the world market.